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Independent Connecticut Healthcare Systems Announce Formation of Statewide “Value Care Alliance”

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Derby, CT (September 23, 2014)  –  A group of five high-quality, high-value Connecticut healthcare systems, including seven hospitals, have come together to form the Value Care Alliance (VCA), a collaboration of hospitals and physicians working together to provide efficient, coordinated, high-quality care for the communities they serve.

The VCA is the largest collaboration of independent healthcare providers in the state. The seven member hospitals cover the majority of the state geographically and serve approximately 1.3 million people in their combined market areas. Members currently include Griffin Hospital (Derby), Lawrence + Memorial Hospital (New London), Middlesex Hospital (Middletown), St. Vincent’s Medical Center (Bridgeport), and Western Connecticut Health Network, which is comprised of Danbury Hospital (Danbury), New Milford Hospital (New Milford), and Norwalk Hospital (Norwalk). Each VCA member hospital has a proven track record of delivering high-quality care with a focus on cost efficient operations, and Alliance members also share a common commitment to preserving not-for-profit healthcare in their communities.

VCA member hospitals and physician organizations will each maintain their strong community focus and independence with local control over governance. This strategic alliance will provide the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of scale, share best practices, and pursue efficiencies while addressing local market needs. This unique partnership of like-minded hospitals also sets the stage for innovation and collaboration to jointly develop new services and capabilities among the initial VCA members, with additional healthcare organizations to be added over time. The Alliance will also develop and share data and analytical capabilities among its members to enable efficient and effective care management and coordination across multiple settings of care.

The VCA will be governed by a single board and executive leadership structure with a majority of board seats being held by physicians from each member organization. Physician leadership is paramount to the successful development of the Alliance’s care delivery model, which will capitalize on VCA members’ combined strengths and expertise in the areas of quality, patient satisfaction, cost-effective operations and clinical integration, which are all critical elements for success in the changing healthcare environment.

“The Value Care Alliance, through its unique collaboration of providers and facilities, will enable Connecticut residents to continue to access comprehensive, quality care from high performing hospitals and physician practices in their local communities,” said Patrick Charmel, Chairman of the VCA and President and CEO of Griffin Hospital, a founding member of the Value Care Alliance.“What’s more, because the new healthcare environment has resulted in individuals being personally responsible for a greater portion of the cost of care they receive, the VCA is also designed to provide healthcare consumers with a lower cost alternative to the high cost of care associated with regional referral centers.”

In addition, the organizational structure will enable the VCA to innovate and adapt to new models of payer contracting and reimbursement methods, and offer new products. The result is a nimble organization that is positioned to be responsive to payer, employer, and consumer needs.

For more information contact:  Ken Roberts, Director of Communications, Griffin Hospital - 203.732.7432.

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