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VCA Selected to Participate in the State Innovation Model Prevention Service Initiative

By Alex Stackpole on 4/17/2018
The VCA has been awarded the right to negotiate a contract with the State of Connecticut as a result of the Prevention Service Initiative Healthcare Organization RFP. The Prevention Service Initiative aims to formalize referral patterns from health care organizations to Community-Based Organizations for the care of complex patients with the diagnosis of diabetes and asthma. Given the broad scope of the VCA network and our current capabilities, the VCA members recognize the benefits of collaborating with Community Based Organizations to further expand the resources available to patients.  We are interested in exploring whether the use of Community Based Organizations can further enhance the health of members by partnering with health care organizations in achieving asthma and diabetes related health goals. This will complement the work that the VCA is already doing in improving the care of Medicaid members through the Patient Centered Medical Home Plus program, and the work underwa ...

Insights on High Risk Patients: More than Traditional Care Management

By Alex Stackpole on 4/17/2018
The article in Accountable Care News in February 2018 by Dr. Reisman details his ideas on why the savings for high risk complex patients were less than anticipated2. He postulates that the savings are less than expected because the high-risk patients do not benefit from the evidence-based interventions that should keep them as healthy as possible. He maintains that there are additional activities that an ACO could undertake to ensure adherence to treatment pathways that maintain optimal health, such as “ensuring and reinforcing diagnostic and therapeutic strategies that are in line with guideline-directed medical therapy”. There is good evidence that patients receive guideline-based treatment only half the time,3 so the question he poses is: “should we be surprised that the savings we see in value-based care models from care coordination of low-risk patients does not extend to high-risk patients with chronic diseases? In order for care coordination to be successful fo ...

Aetna Enhances Accountable Care Product in Connecticut with Trinity Health Of New England

By Alex Stackpole on 1/18/2018
Aetna announced an enhanced accountable care product, Aetna Whole HealthSM Value Care Alliance and Trinity Health Of New England. The new product will provide employers with a value-based health care option designed to increase quality and improve the patient experience while driving efficiency and controlling costs.

Value Care Alliance Participating in PCMH+ Program

By Alex Stackpole on 4/17/2017
The Value Care Alliance (VCA) is now participating in the new Person-Centered Medical Home Plus (PCMH+) program, which is overseen by the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS). This innovative care model puts healthcare providers in charge of medical decisions and care coordination with the goal of improving Medicaid patients’ health outcomes and quality of life while reducing the state’s healthcare costs.&
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