The Value Care Alliance (Alliance) is a collaboration among high-quality, cost-efficient Connecticut healthcare systems. This includes hospitals and organized physician groups working together to enhance efficient, coordinated care and promote local governance with shared leadership in healthcare decision making. Learn More



VCA Statement on Recent Member Activity
Monday, April 2, 2018

"The Value Care Alliance (VCA) is the largest collaboration of independent healthcare providers in the state, comprised of four high-quality, low-cost Connecticut healthcare systems. VCA members include six hospitals and their organized physician groups, working together to enhance efficient, coordinated care, and exchanging best practices with the goal of reducing healthcare expense and improving quality."

"Since its inception in 2014, the VCA has worked to develop and deliver data aggregation and analytical capability to its members to enable efficient and effective care coordination and management across multiple settings. The VCA has also pursued group purchasing and contracting of services in order to leverage the combined scale of VCA members to achieve operating cost savings. VCA member hospitals and health systems along with their affiliated physicians have entered into a number of innovative accountable care payer arrangements that reward them for the value they deliver in the form of increased quality of care at a lower cost. In addition the VCA has developed co-branded insurance products that offer employee health plan sponsoring employers access to the VCA’s high quality integrated care network at a lower cost of coverage than traditional health insurance products."

"With recent announcements by VCA members St. Vincent’s Medical Center and Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) that they were pursuing new/additional affiliations, questions have arisen as to how these announcement may affect the VCA. Consistent with its mission, the VCA supports its individual members’ efforts to identify opportunities to improve their efficiency, expand the range of their clinical capabilities and geographic coverage, broaden the base of services they offer and enhance their capability to effectively manage the health of populations. While the full extent is not yet known, there here may be additional opportunities for the VCA to work together with its members’ new partners to further increase the value the VCA can bring to patients, employers and payers in the communities we serve."

"More information on what the St. Vincent’s and WCHN announcements mean to the VCA will be provided as their respective affiliation processes and timelines are determined and additional details become available. The VCA remains committed to its vision of being an essential partner for patients, employers, payers and providers seeking a competitive integrated system of care that operates at high efficiency and produces outstanding outcomes."

Patrick Charmel, VCA Board President

Aetna Enhances Accountable Care Product in Connecticut with Trinity Health Of New England
Friday, January 19, 2018
Aetna (NYSE: AET) today announced an enhanced accountable care product, Aetna Whole HealthSM Value Care Alliance and Trinity Health Of New England. The new product will provide employers with a value-based health care option designed to increase quality and improve the patient experience while driving efficiency and controlling costs. read more ...

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